Welcome to Merlin Tree Healing.


Hello, and welcome. 


I have spent over ten years helping people in the field of  counselling and psychotherpy, working with individuals, couples and groups to help them overcome deeply rooted issues, and supporting them in finding peace and contentment in their lives. 



 During my years in mainstream therapy, I have often felt that many of our issues, are due to a disconnection from our "true" selves, and the natural earth on which we live.  I feel we have lost our way,  trapped in a hectic modern world that places expectations on us that are too high, and makes extraordinary demands on us as sensitive people. This leaves us exhausted, stressed, and feeling as though life is an endless battle, rather than a gift.


 Modern, fast paced 21st century life, offers us neither the time, or the space, to explore our deeper thoughts and feelings, our own spiritual core, and find the answer to the fundamental question "Who am I, and what makes me truly happy?".  I believe, that through a reconnection to nature, and our inner voice, we can begin to heal from our inner state of "Dis-ease".  My hope, is to help you find a path leading gently back to yoursef, by combining both conventional talking therapy, and gentle alternative therapies, to work towards a sense of balance and peace. I hope you find something within these pages that may help you do just that. 


Please use the "contact me" link, or telephone me on 07743 186883  for any enquiries.