Counselling is a talking therapy that allows you to talk about, and explore any difficulties you may be experiencing in life, in a safe and confidential environment. It is a process of change, exploring aspects of your life that bring unhappiness, and steering your life towards harmony, balance and contentment.


I am a fully qualified counsellor with over ten years experince. I am a member of the BACP  (Brithish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and I adhere to their ethical framework within my counsellling work. I offer both one to one and relationship therapy which are avaialable both face to face, and online via skype. 


Face to face versus skype therapy, which to choose?


We live in a digital world, and almost everything we need can be acquired online, from our shoes, to cars, to holidays, even our weekly shopping. When it comes to therapy however, there are some pros and cons to consider when deciding between online or face to face counselling. 



Pros of online therpy.


1. You can remain in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. 

2. You dont have to travel to appointments, therefore are not geographicay limited to a therapist in your area (and a saving on travel costs)

3. If you find meeting people in person for the first time daunting, online therapy takes some of the anxiety away by allowing you to be present with, but not physically in the same room as the therapist.

4. You dont have to miss appointments when you are away from home, either on holiday or business trips.

5. If you suffer from agriphobia, acute anxiety, or  find leaving the house difficult due to health reasons, online therapy means you are not disadvantaged due to your circumstances. 



Cons of online therapy


1. No matter how well sessions are planned, they rely on one thing and thats technology.  A working PC,  camera, and a good internet connection are essential. Sometimes you can encounter issues which can cause the screen to freeze, or to lose conneciton all together, in which case your sessions have to endure a pause or, at worst, be rearranged for another time. 

2. Although as your counsellor, I can ensure your privacy wont be interrupted from my side of the screen, can you guarentee that you have the privacy required in your home? Are you sure no one is listening outside of the door?  Are you certain your friend or relative wont just drop by unannounced?  Or the Dog need letting out? Or the phone ringing? It is vitally important that you unerstand that your privacy is your responsibility, and not your therapists, when you choose online therapy. 

3. Due to the sensitive nature of counselling, sometimes sessions can be distressing for clients. If this occurs, you will not have anyone in the room with you physically, which for some will feel a little lonely. 

4. For couples in relationship therapy, many often report that it is better for them to come to a neutral place that is away from the home environment, particularly if the atmosphere at home has been tense or agressive between them.



Face to Face Therapy


By far,  face to face counselling is the most effective in regard to being able to manage the environment in which theapy takes place. Also, it allows your counsellor to pick up more on your body language during sessions. It also allows clients to feel that there is a neutral space where they can relax, get away from things,  and let go of any restrictions that talking at home might place on them. 





Individual counselling - £35 for one hour.

Relationship counselling - £50 for one hour.


Please use the "contact me" link or

telephone me on 07743 186883 to discuss your requirements.