Regular meditation has a powerful effect on the mind and body, rewiring the brain and bringing us many health benefits, including contentment, wellbeing, resillience and focus. It can also bring improved mental and physical health, plus a renewed sense of compassion and empathy for those around us. I have facilitated a meditation group for five years,  and now offer a variety of healing meditations for mind and body, on a one to one basis. All healing meditations last approximately 60 minutes, which includes a consultaion before the meditation begins. 




Shamanic Drum Meditation -   In nearly all cultures, past and present, the drum has been an instrument of healing. The ancient Shamans believed that the rhythmic beat of the shamamic drum, allowed the mind to reach a trancendental state where a shift in conciousness occurs, which allows us to explore new realms, and meet our guides. This is a very powerful and primeval meditation, which can bring about an energy of  swift change, both in energy,  focus and thought.  

One hour shamanic healing meditation including initial consultation and traditional end blesssing with white sage - £20   




Womb Healing Meditation-  Connect on a deep level with your saced  feminine womb,  and explore what energies and blockages you hold there from past expereinces. Cleanse your womb of  negative emotions, tension, limitaion and release the full power and creativity of being in feminine form. This powerful meditation is for all women, especially those who have experienced fertility challenges, sexual issues, the violation of abuse, or are dealing with challenging menstrual cycles and menopausal issues. 

One hour womb healing meditation including initial consultation - £20 




 Guided Visualisation Meditation -  Guided visualisation meditaion is a gentle but powerful technique that focuses and directs the imagination in positive ways. It harnesses the power of the mind, and  the imagination, to set the scene for positive intentions within otherwise fearful situations. It is a subtle and gentle technique, but one that can elicit powerful changes, especially if used over a period of time. Guided visualisation can be positive in issues where irrational thoughts and fears dominate our lives, such as phobias or irrational negative thinking. It can also be used to focus our intentions on positive goals such as weight loss or finding a new partner or career. 

One hour guided visualisation meditation including initial consultation - £20




Grounding and protecting white sage smudging meditation and blessing - 

If you are feeling stuck, negative, sluggish, confused, then it may be due to some stagnant energy in your auric field. Your field can include your emotional, spiritual, mental or physical self, and also your immediate environment, be it home or work. Stagnant or negative energy can have extremely detrimental effects on your mental and physical state of being, and can even manifest into a lack of happiness, illness and disease. We sometimes dont realise that we can collect someone elses negative energy in our own field, simply from being in proximity to them. A smudging meditaiton can combat this negativity, clear your enenrgy and help you start a new. It is an ancient  Native American ceremony in which sacred plants are burned, such as white sage, to allow the smoke to clear and balance you, and the spaces around you. 

One hour white sage energy smudging meditation plus initial consultation - £20






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