Reiki Healing


The word "Reiki"  means "universal life force" and is also a word to describe a system of natural energy healing based on the chanelling of  this life force through a trained Reiki practitioner. This tradition was founded by  Japenese Buddhist, Mikao Usui, in the earlier 20th century, and evolved as a result of his research, expereince and dedication. Reiki treatments can help the body and mind to become balanced, calm and centred, and can help in times of physical, mental or emotional distress or confusion. 


Treatments will invovle you lying on a therapy bed (Or sitting in a chair if there are any reasons you cannot lie flat). You will remain fully clothed, however I would ask that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing for your treatments. A Reiki session may include some gentle hands on work, and also some use of crystals on the body. 


I am a fully trained Reiki practitioner, and offer sessions that also incorporate the use of healing crystals. 


One hour reiki session with crystals - £25


Please use the "contact me" link or telephone

me on 07743 186883 to discuss your requirements.